Suzy Mullen

Serving in God’s Strength

Suzy Mullen

Suzy Mullen

When Suzy Mullen finished Embracing Purpose in December, she was thankful for many insights she’d gained and for new relationships, but she had not yet nailed the biggie. What am I supposed to do? How does God want to use me? Then in January her associate pastor stopped her at church one Sunday morning.

“Suzy, I’ve had you on my mind. Would you be willing to pilot a new Sunday school class for our 20 to 30 year olds?”

“Why me?” Suzy wanted to know.

“When we talked about it, your name kept coming to us. We know you can do this and do a great job at it, given your personality. And you also seem to like this age group. Will you consider it?”

Suzy went on to tell us, “The very day before I’d been praying that God would show me what He wanted me to do. I just knew this was an answer to that prayer. But I thought,This is beyond me!  I’d been in Bible study for thirteen years, but never taught myself. Then God reminded me of everything I’d learned in Embracing Purpose. I thought, Oh yes I can!  With God! He’s just wants to stretch me.”

As Suzy spoke, her excitement –and smile–grew and grew, common symptoms of “coming alive.”

Continuing, she said, “Then I flipped back to the exercise on Passions and saw that I’d put down ‘young adults’ as one of my areas of interest. So, yeah. I guess maybe God is behind all this! I’m really excited.”

And so Suzy began leading in God’s strength, not her own. She’s learning what it means to depend on Christ in her to bear fruit for His kingdom. Though Suzy has no idea where this will lead or what else God has for her to do, her confidence in God’s ability to do whatever He plans is growing. Way to go, God! Way to listen and trust, Suzy!