Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

How many lessons are in the self-discovery workbook? 10

How many class sessions are needed for the course? It depends. If you’re a part of a single small group, plan on 11 sessions, one for the introduction and 10 for the lessons. If there are more than 8 participants you will need to divide into more than one small group (of 6 to 8 participants including the leader) and will need to plan on 12 sessions– one for the introductory session, one for each of the 10 lessons, and one for Aha! Time, an extra session to celebrate aha’s women have experienced during the class. See the Leader Guide for a more complete description of this session.

How many messages are there and how long are they? There are 10 messages (Introduction through Lesson 9) and all except one are less than 25 minutes in length. Lesson 5 is 42 minutes in length, in which Linda explains the online personality inventory that participants have completed for that week’s homework, Servants by Design –the Embracing Purpose Profile.

How much time does the homework take each week?  Approximately 2 hours. Because the “meat of the matter” in this course is self-discovery, time for intense self-reflection before the Lord is necessary if participants are to benefit from the material. It’s very difficult to quantify how much time each person needs; it’s different for everyone.

Are there resources for leaders who are facilitating small groups?  Yes, there is a Leader’s Guide with a Small Group Plan for each lesson and a section with the video message notes (outlines) with the answers.

What do I need to purchase if I want to host a class in my home or at my church? You will need one Embracing Purpose workbook per participant and leader, one set of DVDs, and one Leader Guide for every small group leader. We recommend one to two leaders for every 6 – 8 women.

What do I need to purchase if I want to do the study on my own, not in a small group setting? You will need an Embracing Purpose Workbook and the DVD set. The study is designed for individuals or groups to view each of the 10 videos and complete each of the 10 lessons.

To participate in an Embracing Purpose class (or small group), do participants and leaders need to purchase and read There’s More?  No. It is not necessary to read There’s More to benefit from an Embracing Purpose class. There’s More is the perfect first step for the woman who wants to explore purpose but is not ready to commit to the Embracing Purpose Workbook (or class), a ten-week Bible study and self-discovery tool.

Who should take this study? Any woman who desires to use her gifts to bless others. At some point in our lives, most of us long to make a difference, to do something that reaches beyond ourselves. The longing is often experienced as a restlessness, a nagging sense of lack. We want to do something that matters. Problem is, we don’t know what to do or even if we have something of value to offer. Embracing Purpose guides participants to understand their unique design from God (Lesson 8) so that they can craft a purpose statement (Lesson 9) and develop a plan (Lesson 10) for living out their God-given purpose.

My schedule makes it difficult to do the study in a small group setting at the same time each, so can I do the study on my own?  Yes, you can do it by yourself, and many people do. It’s just better, richer to do it with others. The discussion during small group time deepens your learning so much as you share insights about what you’re learning during your personal study and others share their insights.