I Don’t Get It


I don’t get why so many people are drawn to reality TV. The Bachelor, Bachelorette, Survival, American Ninja Warrior – all forms of a genre watched by the masses on a regular basis. I don’t get it because I simply cannot stand such programs. Tempted to be judge-y in my attitude toward said viewers, which is not good, I’ve given considerable thought to why they number in the millions and why those programs are such turn-offs for me.  

I have enough drama in my own life, thank you very much. I don’t need someone else’s. Adding another’s onto my plate is not something I can stomach. Especially when the drama, characters and plot are clearly contrived. What Hollywood offers screams ‘counterfeit’ and pales in comparison to my own reality. 

I’m not a shrink, social psychologist or anthropologist, but I wonder why reality TV enjoys such popularity. Are most people bereft of adventure and deep meaning in their lives, so much so that they must immerse themselves in someone else’s? Don’t they see that it’s fake adventure and the drama is stoked along by producer-directors? Perhaps this form of escapism and entertainment helps people face tomorrow. Another bereft and boring tomorrow. 

If they only knew. There is LIFE to be had right here, right now – on one’s own turf, far away from lights! Camera! Action! Some of us have found our own adventure. We encounter true villains and really scary-hard stuff on a regular basis. We meet heroes in common men and women on a regular basis who inspire us down to our very toes. And now and then, we find that we ourselves are someone else’s hero. We have deep pain and joy in our own trials and victories. We behold honest-to-goodness beauty and love. Reality is enough.

So what’s the secret sauce for a life far richer and more exciting than the best reality tv?  Purpose. Living a life marked by God-directed, often-terrifying, always soul-satisfying difference – making. When did you last choose to do something really hard? When did you last shake in your shoes and cry out to God to fill you with His power so that you could get through the gigantic challenge before you? I’m not talking about navigating a scary diagnosis. We don’t choose those; they just come unbidden. Must we wait for a crisis to wake us up? God-given purpose offers adventure today. Reality is stranger than fiction and far more heart-pounding, tear-jerking and rewarding. 

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