Celebrating L.I.F.E.

Living Intentionally For Eternity

Jana Comb

Jana Comb

Ending a FaceTime call with a few women who recently finished Embracing Purpose in Atlanta, I was slammed with joy. Though three of the women in Jana Comb’s group were absent (out sick), the rest were very much “there!” There on the road to Purpose!

Melody Biddle

Melody Biddle

Melody, mother of four grown kids, wants to help ill-equipped new moms become the best Christian mothers they can be. Recently, she visited a non-profit that serves out-of-wedlock teens to see if that might be where God wants her. Surprisingly, Melody left knowing with certainty that God was not calling her there.

She told me, “I was amazed at how clear God’s voice was!” Though the organization is doing great things for teen moms, Melody was sure the answer was, “Not here.”

This, my friend, is clarity. Success is when God narrows your field of vision and says, “Keep looking.” Melody’s not only undeterred, she’s energized because She. Heard. From God. Nothing better, baby! As she continues her journey, she knows that if God spoke to her once, He’ll do it again. One day, He’ll say, “Here!”

Little Rock Purpose Seekers, if God is calling you to help ill-equipped new moms, boy do I have an opportunity for you. Young Life needs mentors who can meet with a teen mom-to-be at Hall High on the first and third Thursdays of the month, 1 – 2 pm. Email me for more info!

Kathy Householder

Kathy Householder

At the end of Embracing Purpose, Kathy felt that God was calling her to mentor women. She especially felt drawn to women struggling with issues common to so many woman, like unforgiveness, questions about faith, and how to find and live in the freedom that Christ offers. Still, Kathy wondered, how do I begin? The action steps were unclear.

About that time an acquaintance who was struggling with vague anxieties called Kathy, asking if she would be willing meet with her now and then. Kathy’s answer came easy: “Yes!” And one by one the action steps became clear. She purchased two new Bibles, one for herself and one for her mentee. Before long, Kathy had formed a mentor-group of three women where she regularly invests her time, talents and treasures, blessing them in the same ways she herself has been blessed. Boom. Success!

Kathy’s Purpose Statement: Journeying with women who are ready to step out in faith and equipping them with tools to live an abundant life.

Patti Clark

Patti Clark

Patti finished Embracing Purpose wanting to become involved in supporting families dealing with pediatric cancer. No small undertaking. Would she have what it takes — the time, the emotional bandwidth, the courage?

Wanting to take a step, Patti decided to visit a friend whose child is a cancer patient. Immediately, nagging doubts rushed in. Will my friend welcome my presence? Can I do it? Will I even be admitted to PICU? Holding her plans loosely, she headed to the hospital in listening mode. If she heard Yes in answer to her questions, she would accept it as from God. If No, she would accept that as from Him, too. “I just want what God wants.”

Entering the hospital, Patti felt wrapped in peace. Finding and visiting with her friend, the peace grew. When she left the hospital that day, again, peace greeted her. Though she knew the path ahead would be challenging, Patti was on her way to embracing her purpose. Finding, loving and living it.

Jane Martin

Jane Martin

Jane, mother of 3 daughters, one of whom was adopted, began Embracing Purpose telling God, “Look, I just soon not deal with anymore rebellious teenage girls. Let’s do something else together, okay?”

As always, God listened patiently. Soon after class ended, Jane opened the church bulletin and read about Okay for Youth, a non-profit looking for mentors for kids who have aged out of the foster care system. Yep, you guessed it. Jane knew she had to respond. And so, she did.

Meeting 15-year-old Kay (not her real name), Jane thought, “This girl just needs a grown up in her life. I can do this.” And she is doing it, quite gladly! She’s using her gifts and experience in fruitful, soul-satisfying ways.

As we ended the FaceTime chat, Jane expressed what so many people today long to experience on the road to Purpose, “Oh, it gives me great joy!”

In central Arkansas Immerse Arkansas (immersearkansas.org) is one such organization that serves young people who have aged out of the foster care system. If interested in this arena, check out the opportunities there.

Melody, Kathy, Patti and Jane – these women inspire me to the stars and back! They are difference makers for the kingdom who are embracing purpose and LIFE – living intentionally for eternity.

Nothing short of the life God planned for you will ever fully satisfy.

What’s Your Story?
Send a short paragraph and picture about your Purpose journey to info[at]embracingpurpose.org. Do it! I’ll be waiting to be joy-slammed once again. Whether ‘simple’ or ‘super’ in human terms, God wants to use what He’s done in your life to bless others. Include a recent pic of yourself, too.

Here are a few questions to help you articulate your story, if needed:

  • What have you discovered about your design (Who am I?) and /or your purpose (What am I to do?) after finishing Embracing Purpose?
  • Briefly describe your level of satisfaction with life prior to taking Embracing Purpose.
  • How are you currently exploring or moving toward a place of serving?
  • What have you learned or experienced along the way?

When you embrace your purpose from God
you will never again be haunted by the thought, Is this all there is.