Few women I have known have man­aged their lives more effec­tively through life’s sea­sons than Linda Sla­ton. Now, in this sec­ond half of her life, Linda is help­ing women every­where bet­ter under­stand their unique con­tri­bu­tion in life and to God’s king­dom. I highly rec­om­mend Embracing Purpose.

Robert Lewis  Pastor-at-large, Fel­low­ship Bible Church. Author of Men’s Fra­ter­nity and The New Eve.

Embracing Purpose will help you discover how your life roles, longing, and experiences point you toward your mission in life.  As a women’s director, I have seen many women find, embrace and fulfill their God-given purpose through this book.

Mary Ann Ruff Women’s Ministry Director Hope Church, Memphis, TN.

Embracing Purpose skillfully guides the reader through a process of self-discovery and re-evaluation with the purpose of helping them engage in kingdom work.

Barbara Rainey Author and Speaker with Family Life FAMILY LIFE

Linda Slaton, wife of nearly 40 years, mother of four, and formerly Missional Engagement Pastor at one of America’s greatest mega-churches,  has served as an astute guide for hundreds of women one-on-one and in small groups.  Several years ago, I challenged her to capture her practical and thoroughly biblical wisdom in book form.  Here it is.  I couldn’t be more pleased. Embracing Purpose can serve as a personal guide through an often turbulent crossing into new terrain.  Linda’s book is both wise and compassionate, both sophisticated and practical.

Bob Buford Founder, Leadership Network, Dallas, TX

“Linda Slaton’s Embracing Purpose has provided an engaging, organized and exciting approach to discovering this gifting and then exploring settings in which these gifts may be released to serve others and the Kingdom of God.  I am excited about her contribution and proud to be a partner in her mission.”

Robert S. Maris, Ph.D., Coauthor  Freed To Be Me – A Servant By Design™ and Hero Or Zero – Discover Your Superpowers™

Embracing Purpose takes us on an exciting Christ-centered, soul-searching journey which ignites awareness of who God is, who we are and what He has purposed for each one of us—abundant life in Him.

Mary Lucas Lay Leader St. Stephens Church, Sewickley, PA

I can sense that my life started chang­ing once I started the study. The focus of this study was ideal for the stage of life in which I find myself. It is help­ing me to fer­vently seek God’s will for my purpose and teach­ing me that lis­ten­ing to God is often just as or even more impor­tant than just tak­ing any action that seems fea­si­ble.

— Lynn W.

I am so excited about Embracing Purpose! I can’t wait to do my les­son each day. It is amaz­ing how God has affirmed that I am exactly where he wants me to be … I am amazed at how God is speak­ing to me through the book and lec­tures and answer­ing so many of my ques­tions and fears that I’ve had over the past year.

— Stacy S.

WOW what an awe­some rev­e­la­tion that I really was uniquely designed with the capac­ity to serve that tran­scends myself! Instead of look­ing at the future as a time of declin­ing in use­ful­ness, health, joy, sig­nif­i­cance I can now embrace it as a time of renewal and oppor­tu­nity.

— Jeanne K.

Linda Slaton’s book, There’s More, has been very sig­nif­i­cant in my life because it has made me real­ize just how much God really does love me and how valu­able I am to His pur­poses… As I wake each morn­ing and ask Him to use me as He cre­ated me, I have con­fi­dence to rest in Him, trust­ing that He is lead­ing me toward His plan for me.

— Car­olyn R.

Embracing Purpose has been a bless­ing from God to me! Linda Sla­ton shows us (half­timers) ‘how’ to go through this process of dis­cov­er­ing who we are and what we have to offer in serv­ing oth­ers.

— Pauletta B.

On so many lev­els, this class has not just brought answers but a new excite­ment. 

— Karen B.

Through this study Linda Sla­ton and God have opened my eyes and have started me down a beau­ti­ful road full of excite­ment and abun­dant life.

— Shel­ley S.

As a recently retired woman, this study was just what I needed to get me headed in the right direc­tion for the sec­ond half of my life.

— Linda J.

Linda’s class has brought a new vision, a new dream into focus for me. I look for­ward to using that vision for the glory of God!

— Sandy L.

What a won­der­ful adven­ture this has been! I found the mate­r­ial to be prob­ing, insight­ful and chal­leng­ing. At the same time I was touched and encour­aged that Linda strug­gled with the same issues that I strug­gle with and she still hit her tar­get and bull’s eye—found her pur­pose and mis­sion. The study has given me hope.

— Carla B.

I have learned so much from Embracing Purpose and feel as though I have come to the end of a four-year jour­ney. I now have my mis­sion defined, and I’m ready to see God fill in the specifics.

— Eliz­a­beth B.

Embracing Purpose is won­der­ful. The process has so made me pon­der and pray about what God has for me in this new sea­son of life … now I know. He wanted me to be able to stay focused on Him and His plan, not mine.

— Janie C.

Through Embracing Purpose, I have learned to first, acknowl­edge and embrace the gifts, strengths, and pas­sions God has given to me. Sec­ond, I’ve learned to order my life in such a way that I remove things that ‘de-energize’ me. Third, to say no to some oppor­tu­nites so that I can say yes to what is truly pri­or­ity—oth­ers. Fourth, to be an ini­tia­tor and pur­sue the things that I am pas­sion­ate about. 

— Julie B.

This class con­firmed that God will use the hurts of my past to help girls and women. God can accom­plish things through me that I would never have imag­ined for myself and help me respond, react, and pro­duce things sim­ply because I am access­ing His power.

— J.B.

I was able to iden­tify my wounds and the ways I have wounded oth­ers, and finally accept God’s for­give­ness. As a result, I am more open to being used by God to glo­rify Him through the gifts and expe­ri­ences He has given me.

— Bev­erly D.

Through Embracing Purpose, I have been … inspired and encour­aged to take that extra step and ‘just try it,’ actu­ally part­ner­ing with God in His pur­poses. Plus, I have found my purpose—ministering to women in prison!

— Kim P.

Embracing Purpose helped me to iden­tify my pas­sions and begin to see how God wants to focus them. It gave me the grid through which to view all oppor­tu­ni­ties so I will know when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no.’

— Edye B.