Retreats, Conferences and Getaways

There is no better way to launch the course than to invite author Linda Slaton and her team to conduct a weekend retreat or workshop for the women of your church. In her years of experience with the material, she sees God move mightily in the lives of women during weekend experiences. The energy, the passion, and the intense focus spent in getting away from their everyday lives to spend time with God and other women makes these retreats well worth the time and energy.

Embracing Purpose Fast Track Getaways

These three-night getaways are designed for Leaders to work through the Embracing Purpose material on a fast-track prior to launching the study and also for “Learners” who, for whatever reason, are unable to participate in the 11-week long course but desire to discover and embrace their God-given purpose.

Approximately 5 hours of preparation is a prerequisite for attendance.

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No Getaways have been scheduled for 2019.

Leadership Training for Small Group Facilitators

Linda offers excellent leadership training for small group facilitators, those leading Embracing Purpose groups as well as other women’s ministry offerings. In Coach Approach to Small Group Facilitation, Linda guides participants in exploring the art of listening, asking and believing in people as God believes in us. He interacts with us in terms of our potential, not our problems, seeing who we could be and speaking in to that. Good facilitators learn to imitate God’s style of relating and seek to develop a heart like Him. If you would like more information about having Linda come to your church, contact us today.