Quiet. Time.

First thing in the morning, when even the dog still snoozes, is the only island of quiet I know. Inside my home and inside my heart and head, I find space to just be. Alone and still with Jesus, my constant Companion, who is, I realize, both quiet and active.

The rest of the day will be just like other days, I suspect. The pendulum will swing the other way and like clashing cymbals, it will announce: Noisy. Time. In a few minutes, the world will rush in and grab this holy peace and Presence, and I’ll struggle to notice You’re with me still.

Wonder if I can manage to take part of Now into Noisy Time? Is it possible to transform the inevitable into the impossible? I want, desperately want, to be like Jesus –both quiet and active, co-laboring with Him but not noisy. Miracles can happen, I know this. I’m capable of being peaceful while energetic and pleasantly productive. Smack in the middle of God’s will—there is peace like a deep river. Movement and strength without turbulence.

Today I will be mindful of the potential miracle –God with me. All day long.

Let me hear your loving kindness in the morning, for I trust in You.
Teach me the way in which I should walk for to You, I lift up my soul.  Ps. 143:8