Our History


Helping women grow closer to God as they find, love, and live their God-given purpose.

Embracing Purpose began when God took a restless, dissatisfied Christ-follower and stirred in her a yearning to discover more of Him. In 2000 at Fellowship Bible Church of Little Rock, Arkansas, Linda Slaton recognized her unique design as a teacher, and began to share Biblical principles about finding your purpose with the women in the church. In addition to bringing Men’s Fraternity onto the scene, Fellowship has planted more than forty churches around the country and world. One of their fundamental beliefs is that when we connect with God, we become transformed disciples and disciple-makers who follow Jesus with their whole hearts. Those foundational values- connection, transformation, and multiplication- and her own journey with God are what inspired Linda to develop Embracing Purpose. The leadership at Fellowship soon recognized the need every church has for Linda’s message and created a platform.

Finding, Loving, & Living Your God-Given Purpose

Our purpose is to help all women find, love, & live theirs. This includes helping them identify and remove roadblocks that keep them stuck and recognize who they really are in Christ. It includes challenging them to live beyond themselves and glorify God by blessing others with their time, talents, and treasures. In that place women learn what truly matters, that L.I.F.E is living intentionally for eternity. Through our revolutionary study, we take women step by step through a journey of self-discovery, prayer, and reflection to a place of adventure and great soul-satisfaction.