Hungry Girl
By Linda Slaton

Are you familiar with Hungry Girl? Lisa Lillien is Hungry Girl, a New York Times best-selling author and creator of the Hungry Girl empire, comprising a dozen books, a magazine, a weekly column in People magazine, TV appearances and a free email service to nearly 3 million subscribers. She dishes up recipes, healthy food finds and tips and tricks everywhere she goes. She knows that satisfying our physical hunger with healthy fare is foundational to our well-being.

A few months ago I had the privilege of having dinner with Lisa and her husband Daniel in their fabulous home tucked into the rolling hills of Los Angeles. She is as warm and personable as she is smart and innovative. According to her website, and I love this, “She’s not a nutritionist. She’s just hungry.”

Aren’t we all? But hungry for what? This scene plays out repeatedly in my world: As my husband and I hop into the car to grab dinner out, one of us asks, What are you hungry for? And one of us answers, Hum-m, I don’t know. You? All I know is, I’m hungry, driven to find satisfaction in something really tasty. Something that fills me.

Part of me wishes I could just steal Lisa’s brand because at Embracing Purpose Ministry we are keenly aware of universal hunger pangs. We long for that which truly satisfies, and not just for the short term, but over the long haul.  

One thing I know is true: Embracing God-given purpose truly satisfies. I’ve not only ‘been there, done that,’ I am there and am doing that. And it tastes mighty sweet, fills me up and keeps on filling. That’s why I’m passionate about helping others experience the same. It. Is. Life. Altering. Satisfying our spiritual hunger with God-given purpose is foundational to our very being.

If you’re on the purpose road but have not yet tasted the sweet dessert, consider joining me for an Embracing Purpose Getaway, a 3-night weekend with like-minded women in a beautiful retreat setting just outside Little Rock, Arkansas. We will dive deep into the Embracing Purpose material away from everyday responsibilities and distractions. To register go to To take advantage of our early bird discount, do it before July 1st!