Krista Wilson

Her Passion Became Her Business

KristaWilsonWhen Krista Wilson started Embracing Purpose, she was working two part-time jobs to help her family’s finances. Her husband, Bill, had lost his job during the recession and had not found work after two years of searching. “We were barely making ends meet!” Krista said. “It was during this study that God showed me I could be using my gifts on a daily basis and turn them into a full-time business—Krista’s Corral!”

Krista was teaching riding lessons and working for a private school in their aftercare and summer program. She wondered if there might be a way to combine these efforts. In the summer of 2011, Krista decided to offer summer day camps at Krista’s Corral, and the business started growing from there. “I love what I do every day,” she says, “and I know this is what God designed me to do!” Training people and horses to work together gives Krista great joy and the opportunity to instill godly principles into the lives of her students. Another bonus is that she and Bill work together to achieve their goals.